I'm looking for a few podcasters who are 

Action Takers...

If that's you...I will PERSONALLY work with you one-on-one to give your podcast a tune up so that you can increase your email opt-ins, increase your downloads and finally get you on the path to monetization!

Because of the amount of time I spend digging deep into your podcast, I only have a few Podcast Tune-Up spots open.
If you've always wanted an expert to take a look at what you are doing and where you want to go and show you how to get there, then this is your opportunity while spots are available.

But there's a catch...

The Catch is...

I only have time to work with ACTION TAKERS!

If you are serious about turning your podcast into a revenue generating machine, I can help you. 

First, I find out from you:

Once I have the "raw materials" to work with, I focus on 3 things:

  • 1️⃣ Increasing your downloads - the bigger your audience, the better
  • 2️⃣ Getting more email opt-ins - the money is in the list, so we grow the list
  • 3️⃣ The next step to monetize your show - I give you a plan to monetize and earn your first podcast dollars!

Then we jump on a coaching call to go over your action steps!

It's really that simple...

If your podcast isn't set up to generate revenue, you'll never earn a dime...

If you never earn from your podcast, it's not sustainable...

If your podcast is not sustainable, you will pod fade and your time, energy, and money will be wasted...

You Qualify for a Podcast Tune Up if...

➡️ You've been podcasting for more than a year.

➡️ Your downloads have hit a plateau that you can't overcome.

➡️ Your downloads have actually been dropping for more than 2 months in a row.

➡️ You've considered rebranding your show.

➡️ You have thought seriously about podfading.

➡️ You are getting bored with your podcast.

➡️ You've had your email opt in available but only a handful have signed up.

➡️ You feel like other podcasters must know some secrets to get results that you don't.

➡️ Your show has taken a different direction since you launched.

➡️ You have more clarity about who your show should serve since you launched it.

➡️ You don't feel like your ideal listener knows about your show or can find it on the apps.

➡️ You feel like your show topic is too broad and you need to niche down.

If any of these describe you a Podcast Tune will help you. 

If more than one of these describe you, you must get a Podcast Tune Up - unless you just hate money! You don't hate money, do you?

Who is Christy Haussler, and why should you want her to give your podcast a tune up?

I'm Christy Haussler and I'm the Founder of Team Podcast and Host of the Podcast Monetization Secrets Podcast!

I started my first podcast in 2012, with little more than a dream. After doing a 5 day a week interview show while working my full time job, I knew I needed some help.

I was so disheartened with my options for getting help, that I started Team Podcast - a full service podcast production company, because I needed the services we provide for my own podcast and I knew many other podcasters who needed the same kind of help.

Fast forward 8 years later, and we've been doing podcast production for some of the best independent podcasts across every niche. We now produce more than 350 podcast episodes each month and we have an entire team of specialists here to help you!

Why am I focused on more than just producing podcasts? It's been a hard lesson I have had to learn.

About 3 years ago, I had a punch-in-the-gut moment when one of my long-term clients told me they were going to stop their podcast. She had been podcasting for 4 years and I had been through 3 rebrands with her and she was finally hitting her stride. She went from the early days of struggling to get 1000 downloads per month, to finally getting over 10,000 downloads every single month! 

You can imagine my shock when she told me she was stopping her podcast! I quickly began probing for the cause of this crazy idea, and asked her why! Why would she walk away from the podcast now?

Her answer was simple...

She said, "I'm still not making any money!"

At that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks...

All this time...4 years and counting...

I had made more money on her podcast than she did!

She was my lowest priced client and I had given her a great deal when she started because I knew she couldn't afford me. 

And yet, as my lowest-priced client, I had still made more money on her podcast than she did!

I felt sick to my stomach.

I wished the earth would open up and swallow me at that moment.

At that moment, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my power to help as many podcasters as possible monetize their show

It just wasn't fair that EVERYONE in the podcasting space was making money on podcasts...except the podcasters themselves.

I set out on a journey to learn everything I could about marketing, sales, traffic, and lead generation so that I could help as many podcasters monetize as I possibly could.

In the last 3 years, I've spent over $100K on my marketing education.

I learn from the best. I am currently in Russell Brunson's Two Comma Club Coaching program and I'm also part of another high-level mastermind with a focus on scaling growth and revenue. 

Every year, I invest more than $30K in my own marketing education

Helping podcasters monetize has become my life's mission.

I've monetized dozens of podcasts and along the way, I've learned that monetizing a podcast isn't an art - it's a science.

I will never again launch a podcast that doesn't generate money.

I know how to do it now and I will never go back to being stuck in "free content creation mode" and being so scared of "selling" my audience, that I let the podcast suck the life out of me.

That's not what I want for me, and it's not something you should settle for either.

I know firsthand the power of podcasting and how it can change your life.

I used to work at a soul-sucking job that I spent two hours each way commuting to.  I know what it's like to want to break out of your 9-5 because I was working a 9-5 with 4 hours of commuting on top of that each day. I would put over 1,000 miles a week on my car - just getting to and from work! It was a slog!

Through podcasting, I have now moved to an island (Key West) where I can live in endless summer and completely forget that the rest of the world experiences winter.

Through podcasting, I have been able to completely design my life the way I want.

Through podcasting, I have complete time freedom.

And I want all of that and more for you.

If you are an action taker, let me help you figure out your monetization plan and get you started building the podcast and the life you've dreamed of.

P.S. I also host the Podcast Monetization Secrets Podcast, and it's available where ever you listen to podcasts.

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So...after everything I've told you if you are interested in getting a Podcast Tune-Up then...

Here's What to Do Next:

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Fill out the next questions as completely as possible.

I will get to work diving into your show and how you have everything set up and formulate an action plan to get you results in our 3 focus areas.

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