Are you ready to finally level up your podcast and get serious about monetizing?
As a Team Podcast client or trusted referral, I'm invested in your 
success, and I want you to succeed as much as you do!
The Inner Circle is a Private Mastermind Focusing on Monetization
This is a small group mastermind for clients or trusted referrals that are serious about using your podcast to generate serious revenue. This is NOT for clients who are not committed to earning money from their show. 
Weekly Strategy Calls
You need weekly feedback and check-ins to keep you on track and focused on the goal. Each step of the journey brings new challenges that we can help you work through in the group strategy calls.
Knowing you have to give an account of your actions and progress towards a goal is a cornerstone of a goal. We won't let you off the hook in the most supportive way!
Growth & Marketing Tools
Leveraging the power of the group for growth and marketing is beneficial to everyone in the group. we'll put the power of numbers to use so that everyone grows and benefits.
What's in the Inner Circle? Watch the video.
This isn't your typical mastermind. We are serious about getting your podcast monetized so that you can earn as much as possible from your podcast, as fast as possible. You're already doing the hardest work of podcasting; now it's time to do the smartest work of monetization!

How much money are you willing to lose by waiting?

What Is It?

The Inner Circle is an intentionally small monthly mastermind/membership program that is focused solely on podcast monetization. Members of the Inner Circle would be looking to build multiple streams of revenue from their podcast. The coaching and teaching within the Inner Circle will include strategies and tactics for creating passive income streams from your existing content, creating active income streams from programs and courses, and of course it will include affiliate and sponsorship strategies as well.

Who Is It For?

Right now, the Inner Circle is only open to Team Podcast clients and referrals from existing clients.  There are a few more differentiators between those who are a good fit and those who are not.

It is FOR YOU if:

➡️ You've always planned on and wanted to monetize your podcast, but you've never really known where to start or how to do it.
➡️ You are at the point that you know you either need to monetize your podcast or walk away from it.
➡️ You feel like if you had some support and help from someone who knew how to monetize a podcast, you could follow the steps they lay out to monetize your podcast.
➡️ You know you've paid your dues and spent months or possibly years putting out value in the world, and it is time for you to finally get some back.
➡️ You know now is the time to monetize and you have decided to do it, but you need some help and support.

It is NOT FOR YOU if:

You don't really want to put in extra effort to make money from your podcast. 
❌ You believe that you don't have enough downloads to monetize yet.
❌ You don't really know who you are creating podcast content for, and you haven't decided how you want to serve whoever it is that is listening to your podcast.
❌ You aren't willing to invest another dime in your podcast, even if that investment makes you money.
❌ You believe that earning money from your podcast will diminish the value you bring to the world.
❌ You fundamentally believe that your audience cannot be sold to and you don't want to seem like you are trying to sell them something.

What's Included?

  • Weekly Strategy Calls: Group calls with Christy each week to discuss your situation, strategy, and progress on monetizing. You not only learn from what you are doing, but you learn from what others are implementing. And yes, they are recorded.
  • Accountability: You'll be paired with an accountability partner to help keep you on track and doing the tactics that you know will bring you income.
  • Latest Trends and Methods: Christy and her team are constantly trying new monetization strategies and testing different traffic and conversion methods. As an Inner Circle member, she will share this information with you. Christy also keeps her fingers on the pulse of marketing trends by being a member of 2 high level marketing masterminds, so there's an entire marketing brain trust that she can tap into at any moment.
  • Engagement Pods: No matter what organic marketing channels you are using to drive traffic to your podcast and offers, we will enhance it by leveraging the power of the group. By helping each other, we all benefit.
  • Video Training: You'll get access to all of my video courses and trainings as long as you are in the program.
  • Twelve and a Half: I'll be sending you a free copy of Gary Vee's new book that focuses on the traits you need to possess or develop to be a successful business owner.
  • Membership Platform: We are hosting our membership on the Circle platform, so you'll have the ability to leverage the collective brain trust through posts and comments, similar to social media platforms. And best of all, you can access it from the app too!
  • Exclusive Small Group: In order to have the most effective small group possible, we are keeping enrollment in the Inner Circle to a small group of motivated high performers. This will give Christy the opportunity to work with you intimately and provide the best pathway to monetize your show. 

It costs $297/hr to hire Christy for individual Podcast Monetization Coaching, but you won't pay anywhere near that and you get up to 4 hours of small group coaching a month for a fraction of the cost. It's intimate and personal...

All this for...

ONLY $249/month

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